Overlong and tedious film. It focuses on France de Meurs, a tv personality who starts taking crying jags. France is a rich, privileged, white woman who has everything, but is still somehow sad. It’s the Anna Karenina conundrum. And I give zero fucks.

There is barely the wisp of a plot to this. Whole scenes effectively repeat themselves in different settings. There are, hm, maybe 4 or 5 hundred shots of France just staring silently directly into the camera while tears roll down her cheeks. The camerawork is so lazy, there’s nothing to even keep your attention visually. There will be the same three types of shots just used over and over again. And towards the end, when we get something which might be considered a dramatic incident, it is so OTT that people in the cinema were actually laughing. It was like a cartoon. I actually wanted to take a red pen to this film and scrawl over it, “What is the point of this shot? What does it give the audience that they don’t already have?”

There is no character development. It’s hard to even describe France as a character. She doesn’t do anything but cry and have an apartment that looks like if Liberace ran a museum.

One good thing I will say about it is the costume design was on point. I feel like the costume department had a clearer idea of who this character was than the writer, director, or the audience.

An absolute waste of time.