This movie is so French.

It’s about a cook who is fired from the service of an evil Duke, and opens the first restaurant in France. It’s basically about the first Frenchman to French. It’s great.

Delicious is a feast for the eyes, even with its almost fable-like plot. Every shot is sumptuous, tracing light like dripping honey. The palette is warm, with earthy hues of peasant life. The kitchen glows like the beaming of homely joy. The cook’s cottage is illuminated in the pocket of country fields.

And the food! My god, eat immediately before seeing it, or you’ll come out ravenous. I wanted to taste everything I saw. The walnuts, the chorizo, the omelettes, the roast pig, the salmon, O! This is a film that really asks you to smell what is before you.

The plot is hilariously tropish, but in a way that is so wholesome, like a bedtime tale. The evil Duke spurns the cook, and humiliates him. But the cook returns to his cottage in the country with all the skills he learnt, and opens a roadside tavern, which grows into a new kind of idea as the film goes on – a restaurant. Influenced by his son’s burgeoning class consciousness, and his own awakening sense of the unfairness of the situation, he decides to throw open the ability to enjoy his cooking to the people, of any status, who may come and eat anything they like for equal payment.

Perhaps the best revenge is living well.

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