The Policeman

My Papa would have loved this film.

Proper classic style comedy, from the very first scene, with the main character espousing his efficacious detecting methods, while in the background a store is pilfered by half a dozen people. Officer Azulai is clueless, with a heart of gold. His naivety is matched only by his honesty. He is what the police should be, so is blind to what they are, and fails to uphold his orders at every turn. In short, his character is a satire on the idea that the better a human being you are, the worse cop you are.

He is moved by every sob story, writing folk traffic tickets, then paying the fines himself. He has a beggar that follows him around, and Azulai keeps hustling him out and putting money in his hand at the same time. He’s drafted in suited up in riot gear to break up a crowd of Orthodox zealots who are chucking rocks at motors driving on the Sabbath, but instead engages them in a lengthy religious debate on whether their actions are permissible according to the Torah. He’s taken to raid a bunch of hookers, but he makes pals with a lassie, ends up talking to her about her work, and comes to agree that there’s nothing shameful about it and it should be legalised.

Everyone likes him. The climbers above him who want him fired for incompetence are constantly being thwarted by his guileless appeal to the community and others. A delegation of polis from France show up, and try to take him out on the bevvy. He wrongly tries to arrest a dude for being a terrorist, and the guy takes him out for a steak dinner and dancing. His childlike earnestness renders him endearing even to the criminals in the neighbourhood.

So when it looks like his contract won’t be renewed, they decide to set him up for a big bust to make him look good to the brass. However this proves more difficult than thought, due to the aforementioned incompetence.

Just a classic comedy, that gives satire a heart.