Paris, 13th District

Paris, 13th District is a film about a fuckboy and various women he meets. The characters feels very much like twenty-somethings, although the only time I can recall anyone mentioning their age it was in their early 30s. Anyway, you know that thing in your 20s where you’re flatmates and coworkers and friends and lovers, and frequently some combination of all four, that’s this film.

Fuckboy Camille shows up on Emilie’s doorstep looking for a flat, and kinda meets his match. They share a passionate physical affair, before tapering off into resentful flatmates. Emilie is every bit up to Camille’s level of shitbaggery, trying to sabotage his new relationship with co-worker Stephanie. When he finally moves out, he flings in her face that she has obviously fallen in love with him, while he hasn’t with her. She tells him to go fuck himself.

Meanwhile Nora tries to start back at uni as mature student. However the risque outfit she wears to a Fresher’s party has her mistaken for famous porn actress Amber Sweet (which just set off in my head the song from Repo! The Genetic Opera “Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife! Addicted to the knife? Addicted to the knife!”) and she is roundly bullied out of uni. To get some kind of closure on this trauma, she goes online and talks to the actual Amber Sweet, asking her how she copes with that level of constant abuse. This strikes off an unlikely friendship between them.

As fuckboy Camille takes up a part-time job, he ends up hiring Nora. Her need to set firm professional boundaries, after everything she’s just been through, poses an intriguing challenge for him, and he begins to play a long-game for her affections. However, this means he isn’t about to get his dick wet anytime soon, so he calls up Emilie again, hoping to lift and lay her for his own needs in complete disregard for what he openly acknowledges is her love for him. Emilie, keen to prove she is over Camille and that he means nothing to her, meets him for a hook-up, and they begin to hang out together as friends.

The last act just reeks of 20-something mess as all relationships progress at once, Camille manages to break through Nora’s exterior to become her lover, while simultaneously developing a deeper relationship with Emilie, and Nora’s online friendship with Amber Sweet has become a sincere romance.

Shagfest of the emotionally incompetent. Entertaining.