Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence is a comedy crime caper about a mute guy, Tae-in, and his pal who get lumbered with a wean that is being held hostage as part of a kidnapping. Tae-in is not a bad guy, he’s just working for the only business employing in the area, namely a crime family. Usually he mostly just buries the bodies they drop, but in a manner that is considerate and respectful, as much as you can under the circumstance.

Our anti-hero is not pleased at having to babysit an 11-year-old hostage, especially as he’s got a 5-year-old sister to look after in his broke-ass tumble-down shack. But Cho-hee, the abductee, actually becomes the grease that keeps the small family running, the glue holding it together. In the time that she’s with him, they feel like more of a family.

I loved Cho-hee, who is the only one with any bit of sense in this film. I like how she cuts through the bullshit. When they tell her gently, “You’re gonna stay with us for a night or so”, she’s like, “Oh, I’ve been kidnapped.” And when they’re like, “No, no, we just need you to write a letter home to your dad,” she’s like, “For ransom, aye?” And they’re like, “No, no, it’s just taking him a little longer to come get you,” and she’s like, “Coz I’m a girl and he’d be much happier if he just had my brother anyway.”

The dark humour of the film in this kinda noirish flick is really good, and the silence of the main character allows his journey of parental affection for Cho-hee not to become overly sentimental, and remain touching within this ridiculous setup. A good watch.

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