Expensive Shit

Excellent and powerful short about a toilet attendant who is pressured into manipulating women for the amusement of men behind the bathroom’s two-way mirror.

No doubt inspired by local scumbag Stephan King’s two-way bathroom mirror in the Shimmy Club, where women and girls were unknowingly displayed to paying men, something I still can’t believe wasn’t illegal. The Glasgow nightclub in Expensive Shit shows Tolu, vulnerable to the pressures of her employer as an undocumented worker, as she struggles to find any way out of complying with the demand that she persuade a club regular to drink from a water bottle likely spiked with a date rape drug.

In only 15 minutes, the film says so much about power dynamics, across gender, race, and migrant status. You never feel like you are being talked at. Everything that happens in the film is something that happens in life, just brought to one place. A film really evocative of the true cost of the male gaze.