The Swordsman

South Korean samurai movie. Go-hor-geous! A full on eyegasm. From the opening title sequence, I was every kind of Here For It.

Kingsguard Tae-yul is unable to stop the deposition of his king, but spirits his daughter away into the mountains, out of harm’s way. Raising her as his own, they live in peace, until one day, his failing eyesight means they must journey down the mountain for some medicine. By this time the cruelty of the rule of the emperor in Qing is being felt by all, and slavery and outrages abound. As the princess unwittily gets once again drawn into the machinations of those in power, her father must rescue her, defeat the evil invaders, and avenge his fallen king. FUCK YEAH!

Classic traditional story with secret princesses, and noble heroes, and goodies and baddies, and the whole thing just fun fun fun fun fun!