Speaking of toxic masculinity. Shorta (the Arabic word for polis) is about two policemen getting trapped in the ghetto during a riot of their own making. It’s hard to know who you are supposed to be rooting for in this, both cops are such absolute cunts. And then they pick up some poor bastard and use him like a bloodhound to try and figure out a way out the estate.

There seems to be a bit just as the riot’s kicking off where the police help a shopkeeper defend his store from looters, and I think you’re supposed to go, “Thank God the police are around” or something. But it’s like, man, it’s just stuff – you two are out here murdering and sexually assaulting folk.

So no, I didn’t root for the cops. From the get-go I was hoping they’d be killed and their heads mounted on spikes at the entrance to the scheme as a warning to the others. And nothing that happened over the course of the film made me change my mind or feel more sympathetic towards them. In fact one of the last events in the film, which kinda draws it full circle, goes to show how both of them have learned absolutely nothing, and would do the exact same thing again.

Also, remember what I said about The Mauritanian? About the black and brown characters being assaulted and killed just to provide the white characters with an opportunity to reflect and grow? Yeah, tons of that.

In a way, this is a zombie film, just the swarm is the denizens of an urban housing scheme, with their foreign dress and dark skin. Some of the shots are like 28 Days Later, rather than anything that acknowledges the humanity in the people pursuing them.

Fuck this movie. 16 Blocks does something similar much better, and Clash does it even better than that. Go watch one of those.

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