Nitrate Kisses

Nitrate Kisses is archival footage and interviews about queer culture and history in the early 20th century, as well as an examination of how it was repressed and erased.

This movie was made in the 90s, and it kinda makes me realise what a road has been travelled from even that point. The notion of documenting the private as integral to the history of a people – not just queer, but especially women, who are always erased in the private sphere – was radical, but now almost all of us have our personal lives documented online. Not just gay men and women living out and openly, but trans people documenting their transition on instagram and YouTube, the understanding of queer pouring over the borders of straightness into poly and kink, pornography of every kind and combination available for free at the click of a button. It kinda begs the question, what now is private? Repression has now been countered with commercialised hypersexuality, but what is the unspoken now?

Interesting film.