No Data Plan

No Data Plan is a film depicting a train journey taken across America by the director, an undocumented resident. He and his family came from the Philippines as a kid, and he has spent his life living in America, but is still seen as an illegal immigrant. The permanent sense of the fragility upon which your life is based, and the ever-present threat of discovery by the authorities, is quietly conveyed in this normal everyday experience of travelling by train.

The film is mostly shots out the window of the train, as you listen to the sounds around you, the benign chatter of the other passengers, the hum of music from other people’s headphones, the sounds of the train on the tracks. It kinda has a soporific quality, that you get with things like those late night shows of real-time journeys on steam trains. The rocking sound of the train, the blur of the image, it kinda lulls you to sleep. Which is why it works when your ears prick up that a conductor is checking IDs along with tickets, or you see a Border Patrol van out the window. This sense of never being able to rest is what is being conveyed.