GFF21 to be online only

Well, cuntpunt 2021. The lockdown means no cinemas will be open in time for the festival. Kinda thought this might happen but today it was confirmed –

The downsides are obvious. The festival isn’t just the films, it’s the people, the atmosphere, the venues. I love pelting along Sauchiehall Street trying to get from the GFT to the CCA to Cineworld. I love being in the GFT looking up at the ceiling in cinema 1 as I’m waiting for the film to start. I love having the films introduced and everyone giving a polite round of applause. It makes me happy. And after the year we’ve had, God knows we could all do with something that makes us happy. It’ll not be the same.

But. There will be upsides too. For example, it’ll now not matter where you are in the country, you can take part in the GFF by watching online. There are so many great movies shown, it’ll be great for them to be available to a wider audience. Also, you won’t be confined by watching in this one two-hour slot, you’ll be able to watch whenever suits you. Plus, it means if I review something, and you think you’d like it, you won’t have to wait until it comes out later in the year to see it, you can watch it online right away.

Another upside is I will not exist for 3 days in a row on a swiftly grabbed handful of breakfast cereal and the occasional poppyseed bagel. While traveling from my bedroom to my livingroom to my kitchen for my usual two-week holiday isn’t exactly electrifying, it does mean I will be able to get three square meals a day.

One downside which might not be obvious is the homebound influence of inertia. If I’m getting out at 8am to see 5 movies and getting in for 1am, the day has momentum that carries you through. If I wake up at midday in my own bed, how likely am I to fit in 5 films between scratching my arse and doing my washing? But fuck it, I’m going to look at this as an opportunity, getting to see movies with no clash in scheduling, none of the impossibility of getting there in time.

Plus, and this is the real point, this way everyone will be safe. I mean, bellyaching aside, that’s the only thing that really matters, and it’s just not possible this year. Next year, we’ll all have had the vaccine, and we can kick fuck out of GFF22.