Color Out of Space

So, we’re in quarantine, all the cinemas are closed and several festivals have had to cancel or cut themselves short. Does this mean I won’t review new films I desperately wanted to see at the cinema, but are now available on demand? Does it fuck!

Just watched Color Out of Space. It’s actually really good. The direction manages to steer away from the goofy, and create this atmosphere of ever increasingly malevolent warping by an unseen hand.

The trouble with adaptations of Lovecraft is that his horror hinges on the incomprehensible, something so beyond your ken that you would go mad just to see it. And movies are all about seeing. You couldn’t make a movie in which no one could comprehend what they were looking at, and it still be a successful movie.

In some ways what the director does with Color Out of Space is a happy medium. The colour appearing on screen always preludes something fucking awful happening, but it is not, in itself, the thing you are afraid of. Whatever the creature is, all we can see of it in our dimension is the colour.

The female lead, Madeleine Arthur, is excellent, and conveys the sense of horror and helplessness in the face of cosmic forces utterly indifferent to your tiny existence. Like death, they are unstoppable, unnegiotable, and unconcerned with how they impact you.

Thumbs up.

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