Death of a Vlogger

Ok, so Death of a Vlogger is a zero budget, no name, passion project made by a bunch of 20-year old pals in their flat. That being understood, it’s really fucking good.

It really makes you wonder at what can be accomplished with skill alone. It’s basically shot on a phone, webcam, and fairly standard video camera. There is no CGI. And yet, I let out more shrieks in the cinema than I have in a long time. Because what they do have is a sense of timing, an understanding of their angles, and good use of light. In some ways for a film about the high-tech world, this reminded me of the classic scare techniques of early horror films.

Death of a Vlogger is a meta found footage mockumentary. And there is no series of words I could write which could make you lose interest more, but seriously, it is actually good. It takes these modern tropes, marries it to a examination of toxic internet cultures, and channels it through low-fi classic horror film shots. The end result is really impressive.

It was also really fun to see local locations in the movie, like the Flying Duck – I drink there! But in a way, setting it in a modern new-build Glasgow flat, just gave me the pure heebie jeebies about going back to my own Glasgow flat. Thanks guys. I’m gonna have to watch an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia to wind down, even though it’s 1 in the morning, and I’ve been up since 8am getting a tooth out.

Definitely worth checking out. If your idea of good creep is things like the slow approach of an ominous figure in It Follows, or the swipe past Pipes in Ghostwatch, this is a film for you.