Gay Chorus Deep South

Well, that’ll break your heart.

Gay Chorus Deep South follows the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and the Oakland Interfaith Choir as they tour the South in the wake of Trump’s election. They go with the intention of hopefully breaking through some of the homophobic bigotry and hatred that characterised that election, and providing a beacon of hope to the queer communities in those areas.

They do that but moreover, they are surprised and overwhelmed by the acceptance and warmth they receive there. They too have had bought into the dominant political narrative that the people of these states were in some way their enemy, that they would be hostile and they would have to battle the whole way. The narrative of division which is so lucrative politically bore small resemblance to the diverse, warm, and changing face of the South as it is in reality.

This film is about so much healing. The chorus members go there to heal divisions in the country but instead find deeply personal healing. Parents who haven’t spoke to their children in years come to hear them sing. The chorus leader, who was kicked out of his 20,000-strong Baptist megachurch where he was the preacher, is invited to sing in a Baptist church for the first time since he came out. This journey doesn’t just provide hope to queer communities in the South, it provides hope to the choir members as well.

Grab a hankie.