Son-Mother is the story of a young widow who receives a proposal of marriage.

What’s good about this movie is no one’s an asshole. The mother just wants what’s best for her son, her son just wants what’s best for his family, the new step-daddy just wants what’s best for everyone. And the new step-dad really is a nice guy, and is totally ok with raising her kids from the previous marriage.

But this is Iran. And in Iran, there’s always a way your life as a woman can be made that bit more difficult.

The step-dad has a daughter from a previous marriage, and she can’t share a house with a male she’s not related to. So what’s to become of the mother’s son?

The first half of the movie is the mother doing everything she can to not accept the proposal, even though she likes the man and thinks well of him. She’s working to keep a roof over their heads, she can’t afford nappies for the baby, she even scabs at her work out of fear of not being able to support her kids. The walls start to close in, her baby gets sick and she has no way to pay for health care, and she finally gets laid off from her job. Her choice is send her son away or the streets.

Unfortunately she has no family and nowhere to send him. A family friend comes up with a scheme to stow him in a residential school for the deaf. The second half of the film is her son’s sacrifices to keep his family together and better-off, even if he can’t be part of it.

A great movie that leaves you wanting to collectively slap the social mores of Iran.

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