One Taxi Ride

An incredibly intimate and personal documentary about one man telling his family he was gang-raped at 17 in a homophobic attack.

The story is of such huge issues, yet it has such a small, domestic setting. You really feel you are taken into his family home. You hear their squabbles, their irritations, their personality clashes, and them telling each over and over, “I love you. We’re family.”

And you can see how he would struggle to bring such a big conversation into such an ordinary world. When finally tells his family, one of his brothers is still on the phone, one of them is still playing on the X-Box, his Mum is fussing with her knitting.

But this story is one of healing. That speaking out is freeing. And that you will find that so, so many people have been through what you’ve been through. And trusting people with the truth is the first step to getting the love and support you need. Lovely movie.