Before the title card was even up, I had decided I loved Pacarrete, thought she was a legend, and wanted to be her.

Pacarrete is an elderly woman, who loves ballet and takes every opportunity to dance, and share her art. She is also a salty auld queen with a raspy smokers voice and barbed tongue. I absolutely loved her.

Goan yersel Pacarrete! Why should you fade into demure ignorability? Wear bright red, vibrant lipstick and live out loud. Just because you’re past the age of supposed fuckability, you shouldn’t want to be pretty, or admired, or graceful? As if you only exist in the male gaze and since it’s lost interest, you should just curl up and blow away.

Pacarette is about how, even when you are seen as having no talent and no beauty, you must insist on your own worth, and how people need art to survive.