Freedom Fields

Freedom Fields is a documentary following the women of the Libyan national football team. Kinda like Permission, this movie is about female athletes being thrown under the bus, but this time in real life.

On the eve of the team’s journey abroad for their first international tournament match, the football federation cancels their flight and withdraws them from the match. They cite security reasons. Now, is security in Libya an absolute shitshow? Yes. Are they receiving death threats because it has been deemed un-Islamic and immodest for women to play football? Yes. Is their safety the reason the federation is cancelling it? Fuck no. Because you know if there was one red cent to be made off playing this match, they’d have them out there. But if socially speaking, you look like you’re never going to bring in sponsorships or ticket sales – because who would want to be associated with or support immodest girls? – then they will dump you as fast as they can.

The film follows them in the aftermath to see if they can keep their dream of playing as a team alive.

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