Girls of the Sun

Girls of the Sun is a fictionalised account of the unit of Yazidi and Kurdish women fighting Isis who were themselves former Isis captives. It even has its own Marie Colvinesque war reporter, complete with eye patch, documenting them taking back their home town.

The main character is Bahar, a lawyer whose husband is killed and son is abducted by Isis. She herself in then abducted, raped, sold as a slave, and eventually finds her way to freedom. Her story is intercut with the fight to retake her home.

For me, the most dramatic part of this film was during their escape from Isis, she has to help her pregnant friend, who is well into labour, walk the last 30 yards to freedom. If she delivers the baby or if she collapses and can’t walk, they’ll likely all die. Tense and heart-pounding, beautifully shot.