Cold Skin

A film about a lighthouse and its occupants under seige from fish-people on a remote island. It’s kind like the anti-Shape of Water, because instead of a woman falling in love and saving a fish-man, a guy kidnaps, rapes and beats a fish-woman. This sparks off the conflict, which is represented as a microcosm of the cruelty and futility of war. However this film is barely more than the idea of the premise. The lighthouse being attacked in a neverending seige by those similar but different might be a good image but an image warrants a painting, not a 2 hour film. The entire run time is essentially just that image repeated over and over again, and no amount of narration or recitation of William Blake poetry can disguise the utter absence of a story in this film. The shots are very pretty but, again, unable to compensate for more than the first few minutes of screen time, certainly unable to carry an empty shell of a film.

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