Mobile Homes

A film about homelessness and parenthood. A woman tries to provide what life she can for her son while they flit between motel and squat, selling fighting cocks with her violent boyfriend.

What I liked about this was its portrayal of neglect and abuse as not necessarily the product of people but of the practicalities of poverty. Of course the boy’s gonna be left all day alone, who has money to pay for childcare? When the boy accidentally lets one of the birds out and catches a nasty cut from its talon trying to retrieve it, what are you gonna do, attend to the boy or catch the bird? The bird’s worth 3000 dollars. The cut will heal. Want me to tell you that that’s not the way things are?

The mother struggles to negotiate the inescapable truths of their lives while attempting to leave a crack open for hope to enter through. Solid film.