Just out of Beast, which I really loved. Its the story of a woman who escapes her domineering family when she meets and falls in love with a man several rungs below her on the social ladder. So far so good, until he becomes the prime suspect in a series of child murders. What I loved about this film is how many twists and turns it went through, how you are constantly left questioning what actually happened and where all this is actually going.

The film starts with almost a twee drama in comparison to the very dark route it ends up taking. The first act is the main character Moll being swept off her feet by the dashing Pascale and escaping the clutches of her controlling mother who is played to absolute perfection by Geraldine James. Some of the professions of love border heavily on the melodramatic which only lulls you into a false sense of security for what’s to come.

The second act is when Pascale is taken into custody, and the false alibi that she glibly gave him, when the suspicions seemed to be nothing more than the work of her mother to disrupt her happy relationship through her friend in the police force, suddenly becomes the only thing standing between him being charged and her entire life coming crashing down around her ears. With shades of Maxine Carr, you understand how this lassie could have gotten herself into such a deep hole without even realising it. By the time she understands the severity of the situation, it’s already too late.

And it’s here the film really starts. This dark rollercoaster where you begin to question if she’s lying because she believes he’s innocent, or if she’s trapped in her lie even though she’s beginning to believe he’s guilty, or if she’s lying to protect him because she believes he’s guilty even though he is innocent. And all this opens up a door in her that cannot be closed, that protecting a potential child-murderer makes her fearful about what other things she might be capable of.

I loved Beast. It is definitely a slow starter but with definite pay-off by the end.