The Divine Order

Fucking fantastic! This is gonna come out at the cinema after the festival and you should all go see it. It’s about Swiss women lobbying for the vote in 1970. Yeah, you heard me, Swiss women didn’t get the vote until the 70s.

The movie is warm, funny, moving. I wasn’t all that excited going in because I thought a movie about why women should get the vote would be a bit like preaching to the choir, I wasn’t about to see much that surprised me. But it was so good and so affirming.

For me, it was a nourishing reminder that the revolution is not in a ballot box, or the right to work, or the right to fuck, but in speaking up out with your own voice and insisting upon your own worth.

P.S. Totally worth it to see wee auld wimmin in pleated skirts and pinnies, that look like your gran, being given a mirror and told to look at their fanny.

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