Hanky Code

An anthology of short films created by an art collective, which each segment of which corresponds to a different colour in the hanky code. I’ll be honest, the majority of this was cringeworthy laughably bad, but some was funny and cute.

One that will really stick with me was the one for needles. Now, I consider myself to have some fairly broad tastes, but I felt vanilla as fuck watching this. I mean, I charged head first into my limits. With no cuts, music or stylistic camera tricks, it simply shows a woman having her mouth stapled shut as both her lips are pierced with needles, and the skin along the line of her subclavicals pierced to give her a needle fringe necklace. Now this may be your thing, in which case good luck to you, I wish you every happiness, but this gave me the heavy boke. It was worse than every horror movie I’ve seen this year. Blood up the wall and spooky music will never compare to the sight and sound of a real woman being really punctured in the softest parts of her body. Bleurgh.