Fucking loved seeing Koyaanisqatsi at Film City Glasgow. Beautiful film in a beautiful venue. I loved it. Despite the implicit criticism in the title, meaning a life out of balance which must change, I found Koyaanisqatsi to be a celebration of life. Bookended by shots of cave paintings, the film shows the ecstatic movement of the world, from the dancing plumes of sand across the desert dunes, to the hussle-bussle hive of a cityscape. Humans on the landscape make patterns on a cave wall, make patterns on a traffic intersection, all beautiful, all in essence both simultaneously creative and destructive, all temporary. We make patterns like ants, like sand, like waves, then pass. We end. We crystalise beautiful in moments like a flock of starlings, then the world moves on without us in it. It is neither creative nor destructive, it is life. Just a lovely film.