A sorta sequel to Mystery Road. Detective Jay Swann is back, he’s cleaning up another town, and this time he’s partnering up – with 300 fucking flies. Seriously, like every fucking fly in the Australian outback is in this movie, usually half an inch from the actors’ eyeball or lip – get that tae fuck! I hate watching roamy fucking flies, seriously.

Thing I liked about Mystery Road, it was tight, it was tense, it was breathless. This is much more chatty and obvious. Mystery Road was like No Country For Old Men, Goldstone was more like Machete Kills. Still good for all that. Aaron Pedersen remains the best thing in the movie. In some ways he, and the character of Jay Swann, are better than the story he’s in.

It was a bit sad to see Jay back on the drink at the start of the film but I guess it’s necessary for him to have an arc.