Trespass Against Us

A film about a man trying to break away from his father who would rather see him dead than “go gorgi”.

During the Q&A discovered that everything in the film is based on a real family called the Johnsons, who are semi-outcasts in the travelling community in Gloucester for being such mad bastard rip-and-run fiends. They spent 12 years working with the Johnsons to show the story fairly and they apparently are really supportive of the film.

The film’s really good for showing the good and bad in both ways of life. Equally it shows the limitations for someone wanting to change when they’re an illiterate adult with a long arrest record and whose main skill set is being a legendary thief.

What I found really interesting was the language, which is really authentic and full of playful expressive vocab. It’s a voice you don’t often get to hear.

The cast were of course amazing, with Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson and Lindsey Marshal and Sean Harris. For being a movie that’s kinda focused on the main character’s introspection about his life choices, it’s actually action-packed and never lets up. Good movie. 

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