The Chamber

A movie about a poor Swedish bastard who gets press-ganged by the US military into taking their operatives down in a sub to the floor of the North Korean sea. Unsurprisingly, things do not go well.

I would rate this movie as ok. I’ve seen this kinda thing done before and better in movies like Das Boot and Pressure. For me, it was too chatty, there was too much dialogue, it never really gave space for the sense of dread to set in. I think it could have swapped some of the back and forth for shots of them just sitting there, listening to the submersible creak with pressure as they desperately tried to think of a way to save themselves.

There seems to be some last-minute romantic overture put in between the two main characters, which I didn’t like because I felt it unnecessarily sexualised the only female character in a situation that was the furthest thing from sexy. The score was good, Carpenteresque.

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