Well, Bridgend was the first dud of the festival for me. Still 1 out of 31 isn’t bad.

It’s about the string of suicides that took place in the Welsh town of Bridgend, mostly by teenagers. Despite the dramatic and interesting subject, the film managed to be both boring and add absolutely nothing to the topic. The teenagers, while played well by the cast, were like sock puppets from an adult fantasy of teenage life, where everyone’s young, beautiful, hedonistic and drinks, dances, gets their kit off at every available opportunity and leaves a pretty corpse. The low point for me was when a lassie washes her boyfriend’s shitey arse, and to thank you, he shags her with the unsuccessfully cleaned shite still clinging to his arse and legs. Painful load of toss.

I mean, at no point does any of the action take place anywhere other than Bridgend and yet the number of establishing shots of the treeline surrounding the town was unreal. I started to silently think, “Meanwhile in San Francisco” like when there’s a shot of the Golden Gate bridge in The Room.

It was like Skins but with a suicide every 20 minutes. Which thinking of it, would have improved Skins.