Men and Chicken

You know when you watch something and all you can think is, “What the fuck?!” Just out of Men and Chicken, a truly bizarre comedy about a group of ludicrous degenerate brothers. Mads Mikkelson is utterly unrecognisable as a gross, imbecilic compulsive masturbater. Sørren Malling is equally mad as he disciplines his brothers with slaps round the chops with a stuffed owl. Described in style as “if Franz Kafka had written The Three Stooges” and that is spot on. Deeply weird.


I really enjoyed it. A biopic of the work of social scientist Stanley Milgram. Because it was thematically focused on conformity, perception, shared belief and shared suspension of disbelief, it was played as open theatre, with Peter Sarsgaard directly addressing the camera and some scenes performed in front of still blank-and-white photograph back-drops. 

Reminded me of the way American Splendor was shot.

Coming Home

Watching it in a theatre resounding with sighs and sniffs. By the end I was just sobbing into my hands and had to go wash my face in the sink just make a decent showing of myself. It’s about a family divided during the Cultural Revolution in China, trying to heal in the aftermath. It’s the kind of movie that doesn’t mess around, you want to greet in the first 10 minutes, if you’re like me you’ll be greeting by the end of the first half hour, and you’ll just greet continuously for the remainder of the two hours. DO NOT let the chance to see this go by you.