Tense, four character drama set in a submersible trapped hundreds of feet under the ocean. All the strings in my guts coiled into knots. It’s a weird compliment to give a movie, “Your film was great, it gave me the boke.” 

It was a bit like Gravity. Where folk can’t breathe and the void just opens up under their feet and you watch it, unable to breathe yourself, and just think, “Why is anyone stupid enough to go someplace so fucking scary?!” See seriously, if mankind had been made up of people like me, we would never have moved from areas with no steep inclines and all architecture would look like beanbag chairs.

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It Follows

Great idea, go see a scary movie that lets out at 1am, then walk home alone to a silent flat. Dumbass. It Follows, or My Cursed Vagina, is a kinda Ringu meets Charles Burns’s Black Hole with a fucking belting score (remember when horror movie scores were half the scare and not just someone’s playlist with NA-NA! every time something jumped out a cupboard?) Not recommended as a first date movie.

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